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After years of struggling with addiction, the prospect of getting sober fills you with a wide range of emotions. On one hand, it is exciting to know that you are going to improve your health and relationships. Yet, it is also normal to be nervous about things such as going through withdrawal and talking about your problems to other people. Fortunately, finding the right drug rehab facility helps to calm your nerves while providing you with a safe place where you can recover with the help of people who understand the nature of addiction. At Hall Mental Health Services, we’re ready to provide you with the tools you need to reach recovery.

Feel Safe In a Professional Treatment Center

Fear is a normal part of living with addiction. When you are in the habit of using drugs, you never know when you might get a bad dose or get in trouble with the law. Our drug rehab center in San Antonio, Texas makes it our goal to take those fears away by helping you to feel safe within their walls. From the moment you step through the doors, you will be surrounded by professional support that offers a compassionate ear as you talk about your desire to seek sobriety. Since only approved people are allowed to visit, you never have to worry about an unexpected knock on the door, and you can recover without feeling pressured by negative influences.

Safely Deal With Your Withdrawal Symptoms

It is important to make sure your treatment begins with help from our drug detox clinic where our staff can help keep you comfortable. We know that withdrawal symptoms are often the reason why people return to using drugs and alcohol, and relapse often occurs on the first day when people try to detox alone. With our help, you can make it through the symptoms that make you most worry about quitting. We also think it is important to share that detox is different for everyone, so don’t let someone else’s story deter you from entering an addiction recovery facility today.

Open Up to Others And Find Solutions to Your Problems

An addiction treatment center should feel like a safe community in which you can meet others who know what you are going through. Reaching out to both our professional staff and other people who are fighting addiction allows you to talk about your problems in an open and honest atmosphere. Doing so allows you to find ways to handle common problems that occur during each phase of your treatment. Spending time in our community also gives you opportunities to develop new healthy interests through shared recreational activities that help you renew your physical and emotional health even after you return home.

Get an Individualized Treatment Plan

When you start treatment at our addiction recovery center, our professional team assesses your entire physical and mental wellbeing. During this assessment, it is often discovered that people are dealing with concurrent issues that affect their ability to stay sober. For example, depression and anxiety are common coexisting disorders that will also need to be treated as you work on ending your addiction. Since everyone is different, you should expect that your treatment plan will not be the same as another resident’s at our substance abuse treatment facility. However, you will all work together as an extended type of support group to help each other meet their individual needs.

Make Progress In Each Phase of Treatment

Addiction recovery might start with detox and ongoing therapy sessions, but it doesn’t end when you walk out of our doors. As you adjust to life outside of our addiction treatment facility, it is important for you to feel supported. The adjustment back to home life sometimes involves stressful situations, and participating in an aftercare program helps you remember to use the coping skills that you learned in treatment.

At first, it takes a little adjustment to get used to attending an addiction recovery program. However, at Hall Mental Health Services, our drug rehab center in San Antonio, Texas, we have everything you need to start working on feeling better. By deciding to put addiction in your past, you can begin to look forward to a brighter future.