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Addiction is brutal. It is debilitating. It is a chronic brain disease. Those struggling with substance abuse, no matter how long they’ve been addicted, need professional, caring, and focused addiction treatment from addiction experts. You can’t do this alone, and admitting so is a part of the process. It is essentially the first step of addiction recovery. Eliminating denial is crucial before you can enroll at Hall Mental Health Services and our drug rehab center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Once you have done so, we can help guide you to a life of happiness, fulfillment, and sobriety.

Professional Detoxification

Once you have overcome denial, eliminating any trace of it from your mindset, you will then go through the process of eliminating any trace of harmful chemicals still left over from your addicted. As your body comes off its’ dependence, you will likely experience some unpleasant symptoms. With supervised withdrawal, you will have the support and guidance necessary to get through the process of expelling harmful chemicals and leave your physical addiction behind forever.

Expert Therapies

Then, after fully shedding the hindrance of physical addiction, it will time to work on the long-term program of overcoming mental addiction. First, you will meet with a personal therapist in one-on-one sessions and work towards creating a customized and comprehensive addiction treatment program that is designed to meet your needs and the requirements of your unique situation. This will include screening for dual diagnosis mental health disorders. Nearly half of all people that get treated for addiction also have an underlying and contributing mental illness that needs to be consummately treated in order to fully heal and overcome your addiction. With the root of the addiction uncovered and addressed, you will be able to work through treatment in both individual and group therapies.

Group meetings are extremely vital to any addiction treatment program. You will have the opportunity to share your feelings with people who have experienced similar things, have the chance to empathize with their stories, and help each other by providing insightful advice to facilitate treatment and help you stay sober. The community that is bonded and the advice you will receive will likely last long after you have left our Las Vegas addiction treatment center and will inspire and motivate you.

Insightful Aftercare

Once you go to leave our addiction recovery clinic in Las Vegas, you will leave with your personalized and comprehensive addiction treatment plan that will guide you onward with treatment when you on your own to keep it up. It is absolutely crucial to sustain treatment and to stay sober, you will leave with all the tools necessary to live a happy, rewarding, and sober life.

You can break free of your chains, you can overcome this. With a little help and a lot of love, you can learn how to live again. You can experience joy again. All you have to do is call Hall Mental Health Services and set up an appointment for a free consultation at our drug rehab facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. Change is on the way, just pick up that phone today!