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If you’re looking for a reliable drug rehab center that has a proven track record of effective, evidence-based addiction recovery care, then you need not look further than Hall Mental Health Services in Denver, Colorado. At Hall Mental Health Services, our friendly and well-trained staff is ready to welcome you with open arms to an addiction recovery program that can get you back on the right track. No matter how long substance abuse has been overpowering your life, we’re ready to provide you with the tools you need to defeat addiction and take control of your life once again.

At Hall Mental Health Services in Denver, Colorado, we have the benefit of years of experience. As a result, we’re able to apply our experience to each client who enters our program. As soon as you step through the doors and enter our drug abuse treatment facility, you’ll take part in a comprehensive intake interview, conducted by one of our friendly staff members. During this interview, the staff will gather details about your particular situation, and then apply these variables in order to create a recovery plan that targets your specific needs and adjusts accordingly in order to afford the best possible addiction recovery care.

Once we’ve concocted a customized addiction recovery plan for you, it’ll be on to the first step at our substance abuse treatment center: detoxification. During detox, you’ll spend time in our supervised detox program. This means that as your body works to expel any toxins that might have been left behind by your substance abuse, you can rest assured that someone will be nearby to supervise you and take care of any needs that might arise. While there is the practical concern -- having a staff member on hand can ensure safety -- one cannot discount the value of having a supportive person nearby during this difficult period.

After detox has been completed, the next phase of treatment at our addiction recovery facility will begin. During this phase, you’ll take part in a variety of different therapeutic strategies, in order to provide you with the most comprehensive care possible. This will include individual therapy, in which you will meet with a specialist on a one-on-one basis in order to get to the bottom of any personal issues you might be dealing with. It also includes group therapy.

Group therapy can seem daunting at first, on account of the expectation that you’ll share intimate details about your situation with your peers in the drug rehab clinic. However, you’ll soon come to look forward to this addiction recovery mainstay. In fact, many people become so enamored with group therapy that they use it as a basis for their sober support network. During group therapy, you’ll meet with your peers in the substance abuse treatment facility and discuss your experiences, both before coming to Hall Mental Health Services and afterward.

We recognize that addiction recovery doesn’t end when you graduate from the drug rehab center. That’s why all of our clients are given a customized aftercare treatment schedule when they leave Hall Mental Health Services. We want each of our clients to recognize that, even once they’ve left, we’ll still be there by their side, guiding them along the road to recovery.

If you or someone you care about needs treatment for a substance abuse disorder, Hall Mental Health Services in Denver, Colorado has the tools you need for recovery. Don’t hesitate any longer, simply pick up the phone and get in touch with one of our friendly addiction recovery specialists today.