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Discover the Functions of Drug Addiction Centers

Drug addiction is referred to as a substance abuse disorder. It is comprised of dependence on either an illegal or a legal drug, and addicted individuals have the best chance at recovery when treated in drug rehab centers. A person who is addicted becomes unable to control their drug use. As a result, an individual will continue using the addictive substance despite their knowledge of serious harm it causes to their body. Drug addiction results in an intense craving for the substance, so intense that it becomes hard to stop using it. At Hall Mental Health Services, our substance abuse treatment facility in Mission Viejo, California, we have the tools necessary to overcome substance abuse.

Drug addiction leads to long-term problems that affect all areas of the user’s life including relationships and one’s career. A person who is addicted may require the assistance of family, health care providers, friends, and support groups to win this fight and stay drug-free. Many individuals who are addicted to drugs began the habit after experimenting with the drugs in social settings. After some time, the drug use became more frequent, and has soon become a full-blown addiction.

The risks that are associated with drugs and how quickly a person becomes addicted vary on the type of drug that becomes the subject of the addiction. This is because certain drugs can result in addiction faster than others. Within a short time, an individual requires large doses of the drug to feel good. Continuous use of the substance makes the person dependent, such that they cannot do anything meaningful without using the drug. During this time, any attempt to stop using the addictive substance usually results in intense cravings, and the affected person ends up becoming ill due to the withdrawal symptoms. At this point, a person can often only be helped by visiting a drug detox clinic.

Some of the most common symptoms of addiction include an intense urge to use the substance, spending too much money on the drugs, failure to meet family and work obligations, engaging in risky activities, and undergoing withdrawal symptoms. Numerous factors are known to contribute to the development of addiction. The factors are related to genetics and environment. The addictive drug is known to cause certain changes in neurons that are found in the brain. These changes do last for a long time even after a person has stopped using the drugs.

The treatment options for drug addiction include various forms of therapies that are geared toward assisting drug user to stop this harmful behavior. Counseling can be provided on both the group and individual level. Individual counseling involves skill building, stoppage of substance abuse, and sticking to a recovery plan. Group counseling provides a social reinforcement in the client’s journey to recovery. Our counselors at Hall Mental Health Services are trained to make available various forms of treatment plans to clients including assessment, planning, treatment, and counseling.

Treatment in an addiction recovery facility can be provided in residential and inpatient settings. The long-term treatment centers allow clients to spend a long time in addiction treatment center, frequently for up to a year. The program that is provided in such settings is highly structured. The most common rehabilitation facilities are the ones that provide short-term services. These centers are known to focus more on detoxification, intensive treatment, and preparation of the client for his return to the society.

Partial hospitalization is regarded as an alternative to the residential therapy. This kind of addiction recovery program allows clients to attend sessions at addiction treatment facility several times every week. After partial hospitalization is completed, the clients continue with their therapy in the regular outpatient treatment centers. This is done a few hours each week, and it's aimed at sustaining the recovery program that the client had already started.

Recovery support services are also important during the recovery process. They involve services that are provided to a person in an addiction recovery center to help them in their addiction recovery process. These services include educational support, employment, transportation services, parenting education, engagement, outreach, coaching, and mentorship.

Clients should understand that drug addiction can be treated in a drug rehab facility. This condition can be effectively managed in our substance abuse treatment facility located in Mission Viejo, California. Each treatment program that is implemented should be tailor-made to suit the specific needs of each client.