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If you have come to the realization that the right way forward is the sober path, you need to start looking into drug rehab centers. You will find that the best rehab centers feel like home from the moment you walk through their doors. Home includes extensive support, and we provide that in spades at Hall Mental Health Services, our Larkspur, California substance abuse treatment facility. Come discover how closely you can be touched by our caring staff as you make the journey from abusing drugs to a sober life of bliss.

Guiding You to Recovery

At our Larkspur, California addiction treatment center, our mission is to guide our clients to recovery in the most efficient manner possible. This means that we take the time to build customized addiction treatment programs for each of our clients. No matter what kind of assistance you need when you are on the road to addiction recovery, we are here to provide you with every tool necessary to detox and rehab from drug addiction.

Community You Can Count On

Inside Hall Mental Health Services, our addiction recovery facility in Larkspur, California, you will find that community is the key to getting clean. No one successfully walks the road to recovery on their own. In your group therapy sessions, you will pick up the tools you need to beat your addiction. The stories you hear in group are often gut-wrenching, but knowing the consequences of addiction is the way you learn why it is crucial that you stop using. Knowing they can always share the pain of their addiction with sympathetic companions is a powerful source of strength for our clients.

Detox Facility for Your Safety

It’s never a good idea to detox on your own. The solitary suffering of withdrawal with no one to support you is horrendous to even consider. You will be much better off looking for drug rehab centers that will provide you with a safe detox experience. Inside our drug detox facility in Larkspur, California, our clients experience the warmth and comfort of our supervised detox. With our caring team surrounding you, detox will be a much more manageable experience.

Mental Health Assessment and Treatment

We offer full mental health treatment services at our Larkspur, California addiction recovery facility. Unfortunately, mental illness and addiction often go hand-in-hand. People who fail to address their mental health issues as a part of their addiction treatment are more susceptible to relapse at some point. We therefore evaluate the mental health of every client who walks through our doors, ensuring those who need help receive it.

You Need to Do Your Part

Never forget that you are the central figure in your recovery. The success or failure of your recovery from drug addiction ultimately lies with you. You must find the strength to be completely honest when you are inside our Larkspur, California addiction treatment facility. We have created an environment where you will be given every possible tool to achieve your sobriety. All you need to do is to have the courage to take the steps forward.

All Forms of Treatment

At our drug rehab facility in Larkspur, California, we have taken the time to build an addiction recovery program that offers the full range of treatment options. We help you get clean with detox and then take you all the way through the rehab process. We provide mental health treatment, and we run group sessions led by our talented staff.

When you leave our Larkspur, California addiction recovery center, we don’t throw you to the wolves. At Hall Mental Health Services, we provide our clients with aftercare programs so that they have the best possible chance to succeed outside our doors. We are always here for you during every step you need to make on the road to recovery.

As you can see, we have a great drug detox clinic here in Larkspur, California. Please come discover how much better life is when seen through sober eyes. We are here for you when you are ready to make that beautiful walk to the sober life you deserve.