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If you were to hear a list of steps and programs that are offered to you once you enter a substance abuse treatment facility, would it make you more likely to go? Or would it help if someone broke down the reasons why the steps work? We understand that the prospect of entering an addiction recovery facility is overwhelming. You tell yourself there is no way you could make it through every step and program thrown at you.

Addiction recovery is a complicated experience, unlike any other struggle in life. That's why you need to choose an addiction treatment facility that has a deep understanding about the recovery process. At Hall Mental Health Services, our drug rehab facility in La Mirada, California, we will guide you through the steps without making you feel like you're just going through the motions. You may be asking yourself where you would even begin. You begin by saying yes to our invitation, and then let us walk you through the rest!

One of the first parts of the program at our drug detox clinic is supervised detox. This is an uncomfortable and sometimes scary part of the process, but when you have someone with you, it ease your mind. Supervised detox is also a great way to ensure your safety while your body is cleansing the drug or alcohol toxins from your system. During your stay at our drug rehab center in La Mirada, California, we want you to focus completely on yourself and your recovery. We take great pride in keeping our addiction recovery facility safe and clean, so you have fewer things to worry about. We know how much you must have on your mind, and worrying about the safety and care of your environment should not be one of them.

While following the steps of our addiction recovery program, we believe one of the keys to success is a dual diagnosis. In simple terms, this means that besides our diagnosis of alcohol or drug addiction, you also have been given the diagnosis of a co-occurring mental health disorder. A mental illness can be anything from depression to bipolar disorder. Managing a mental illness without an expert's treatment can sometimes lead to self-medication, and then on to addiction. But since both issues are indeed separate issues, they should be treated with separate plans. This will allow you to maintain your sobriety and manage your mental health in a healthy and happy way so you can be productive in life. In our addiction treatment center, we specialize in this treatment.

At our addiction recovery center, we believe it is important to have people around you that will provide an amazing support system for you. This is why we surround you with the most positive community. These people will support you when you need support. They will encourage you when you feel like giving up. They will listen when you need someone to talk to. You will build such incredible relationships with this community.

We also offer extended support groups. In these groups you will have the privilege of listening to the experiences of others and also get to share your own experiences. This is another way to bond with your community and grow more confident in your sobriety. It is extremely vital to speak honestly. When you are honest about who you are and the mistakes you've made, you are able to truly heal and are able to cast off the stigma of shame that comes with addiction.

In our facility, we are proud to recognize you as an individual. We celebrate your differences and your unique story. The way we are able to gift you with individualized treatment plan is by taking the time to really get to know you. In order for you to be successful in your recovery, you need a plan designed specifically for you.

Any kind of major change is scary. We do know that. We also know that this is a change that will only better your life. Take the step of saying yes, and we will walk beside you the rest of the way.