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When you think back on what your life looked like before your drug or alcohol addiction, was it better than it is now? Or was your life the reason for your drug or alcohol use? Do you ever wish you could rewind time and start all over again, to push the reset button, so to speak? We can't give you a reset button. We can't give you a machine that will take you back in time so you can start again. But what we can give you is a safe place to take a break from life and take time to get your life back on track. At our drug rehab facility, we want to give you a second chance at addiction recovery. All you have to do is accept the help, and we will guide you through all of the steps of recovery.

Hall Mental Health Services, our substance abuse treatment facility in Fremont, California, is a wonderful center that will provide for you a safe environment to explore your untapped potential, learn the roots of your addiction, and gain skills to maintain your recovery. One of the first steps in a drug detox clinic is to purge the harmful toxins built up in your body from drugs or alcohol in your system. It is important for a drug rehab center to provide you with supervised detox so you can detox in a safe and comfortable way. This process can be uncomfortable, but when you know you are not doing it alone, you can rest assured that your safety will be ensured.

Another featured offered by our addiction recovery center is dual diagnosis mental health treatment. As experts, we understand that in roughly half of the cases we see at our substance abuse recovery facility, addiction is not the only issue. Many times there is a separate diagnosis of a mental illness, such as bipolar disorder or depression, which needs to be made. Since each of these is a separate issue, they need to have a separate treatment plan. This will optimize your success in staying sober and managing your mental illness.

In our addiction recovery facility, we will surround you with a community of positive people that can encourage you every step of your journey. These people will become your support system, your friends, and essentially, your family. When you feel like giving up, they will help you gain the confidence you need to keep going. You will also attend our extended support groups at our addiction treatment center. These groups will allow you to hear the stories of others while learning to share your own stories openly and honestly. It is important while in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction to be able to speak openly and honestly so you no longer have to hide because you feel ashamed or judged.

While in our addiction treatment facility, we care about you as an individual. We recognize you as a unique person with unique struggles. Letting you fall through the cracks is not an option for us. Because we believe and celebrate your special qualities and unique story, we design an individualized treatment plan molded specifically for you. This will help you be the most successful at your recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

It can be difficult to take the first step into an addiction recovery program. But how much longer are you going to allow addiction to control your life? How much longer are you going to let addiction make all of your choices for you? You can do this, and you do not have to do this alone. We will be there with you every step of the way through your journey. From detox to extended support groups, to treatment plans and discovering yourself all over again, we will take each step right beside you. It may seem overwhelming at first with so much information, but once you accept the invitation of recovery, it's not so complicated. It all starts with you saying yes.