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Hall Mental Health Services is dedicated to the well-being, health, and sobriety of each of our clients.

With the right assistance, motivation, and guidance, you can achieve anything, including getting off drugs and staying sober indefinitely. This is not an impossible feat. In fact, the treatment will show you how simple the process can be. This is not to say that getting sober isn’t difficult, it is to acknowledge that with a sound addiction treatment program designed to meet the client’s needs, and the support of caring addiction professionals, it is deliberate long-term process that can liberate you from your dependence.

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At Hall Mental Health, we also promote holistic methods to begin the process of retraining your brain to seek pleasure after it has been dependent on a drug. When you’re addicted to something, they brain stops looking for pleasure in viable ways and instead seeks it out in the euphoria of the drug. Once you begin your sobriety, you will need to work to restore this equilibrium through exercise and other beneficial techniques. Yoga, meditation, and hiking are just some of the ways we encourage our clients to take back their life by discovering the benefits of true reward and pleasure.

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